The Japanese have used “Tetsubin” teapots for centuries to impart additional health benefits when drinking tea. Imagine sharing a relaxed, healthy cup of tea with friends and family from one of our beautiful cast iron teapots.

At Contemporary Teapots we offer a beautiful range of teapot styles and designs, as well as accessories to complement these including trivets, warmers, and cup & saucer sets. Each style and colour draws on and reflects symbolism, imagery and legend from ancient mythology.

Our customers choose to buy teapots and accessories from Contemporary Teapots for themselves or for gifts  –

  • for the health benefits

For centuries the Japanese have used cast iron teapots made in the Tetsubin style to impart the health advantages of tea drinking with the additional benefits of iron.

  • they look fantastic

Our cast iron teapots look amazing in any setting. Whether you have a modern, rustic or eclectic décor, we have a teapot to complement it. Our teapots are functional and serve as great conversation pieces.

  • our teapots are practical and useful

A cast iron teapot is more than a great table decoration, it is extremely practical. With superior heat distribution properties it will keep tea hotter for longer, thereby enabling you to infuse your favourite blend longer and extracting more of the health properties from teas.

Why do people love serving tea from our teapots?

The spout and handle placement on our teapots are designed to enable a drip-free pour with ease. The handle does not get hot. And a raised lip inside the lid prevents the lid slipping when pouring your tea.

Share the Love

A teapot is a highly practical yet thoughtful gift. Suitable for both men and women, you can select the perfect teapot for any occasion from our wide range of colours and styles. Perfect for any milestone celebration – such as a house-warming, engagement, wedding, graduation, birthday, opening of a new business, or just to say “thank you” – there is an ideal solution in our range.

We also supply discerning businesses such as cafés, restaurants, day spas, natural therapists, hairdressers, corporate offices, hotels and resorts.

Care & Use Tips
  • Our teapots are strong and durable, requiring little in the way of care and maintenance.
  • Contemporary Teapots are not suitable for ‘stove top’ use; but perfectly designed for the preparation and service of tea.
  • It is quite acceptable that surface oxidation may begin to appear and is, in fact, a healthy characteristic of all cast iron teapots.
  • After warming the pot with a little boiling water, hot tea can be served from the teapot. Or the teapot itself can be chilled, for serving delicious iced teas, by filling the infuser with ice cubes.